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Electrical Appliances / IT

We make contributions in a wide range of products, from cushion-absorbing materials for consumer electronics and IT equipment that support distribution, to offering of LCD panel components that use our unique technology.


Taking advantage of excellent shock-absorption performance and our design technology, we offer not only packing materials for automobile parts, but also safety components used in automobiles.

Food and Distribution

Thermal insulation and heat-retention performance of foamed plastic helps handling of food at food sales counters, and maintenance of freshness of food in transported cargo.

Housing and Civil Engineering

Our products are helping people's lives in invisible places, such as thermal insulation materials for construction, as well as embankment method that utilizes light-weight of materials, and rooftop greening method.

Medical, cosmetic and Nursing care

It is utilized in products that use our unique technologies, such as electrodes for medical care, cosmetic pack and smoothness enhancement materials.

Environment and Energy

We are making contributions to enhancement of the environment by developing recycled plastics and foamed products using plant-derived plastics.

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What's New

2018.2.2 Summary of Financial Results for the Third Quarter of FY2017 [ PDF / 202KB ]
2018.1.23 Sekisui Plastics Develops TECHPOLYMER Hollow Particle [ PDF / 671KB ]
2018.1.12 Sekisui Plastics exhibits at 8th Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo.
2017.11.27 CELPET Food Containers to be Used by Japan Airlines for In-flight Meals [ PDF / 712KB ]
2017.11.17 FY2017 2Q Financial Results Briefing was held. [ PDF / 948KB ]
2017.11.7 We Become a Renewal Supporter for the Lake Biwa Museum [ PDF / 810KB ]
2017.11.2 Sekisui Plastics participates in MEDICA2017
2017.11.1 Summary of Financial Results for the Second Quarter of FY2017 [ PDF / 201KB ]
2017.10.25 Sekisui Plastics participates in JEC Asia 2017.
2017.10.10 TECHEATER Obtains U.S. UL Standards Certification [ PDF / 681KB ]
2017.9.19 ST-LAYER Used as Components for Latest Drones [ PDF / 333KB ]
2017.9.15 Annual Report of the Year ended March 31, 2017 [ PDF / 6.83MB ]
2017.9.11 Sekisui Plastics Develops ST-gel<LN Grade> [ PDF / 578KB ]
2017.9.8 Sekisui Platics participates in IPF JAPAN 2017 (International Plastic Fair)
2017.8.1 Summary of Financial Results for the First Quarter of FY2017 [ PDF / 119KB ]
2017.5.30 Notice of the 73rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders [ PDF / 179KB ]
2017.4.28 Summary of Financial Results of Fiscal Year 2016 Ended March 31, 2017 [ PDF / 109KB ]
2017.4.21 Sekisui Plastics exhibits at Indonesian Cosmetic Ingredients - SURABAYA 2017.
2017.3.28 Sekisui Plastics exhibits at European Coatings Show 2017.
2017.3.23 Sekisui Plastics exhibits at in-cosmetics Global.
2017.1.31 Summary of Financial Results for the Third Quarter of FY2016 [ PDF / 109KB ]
2017.1.18 TECHTELAS LED Lighting Equipment(Blue Light Cut) Won Tenth Kids Design Award [ PDF / 1.09MB ]
2017.1.18 Seat Components Using PIOCELAN Started to Be Used for Toyota C-HR [ PDF / 538KB ]
2017.1.6 ELASTIL English website opened.
2016.10.31 Summary of Financial Results for the Second Quarter of FY2016 [ PDF / 142KB ]
2016.10.27 Sekisui Plastics CSR Report 2016.
2016.10.7 Annual Report of the Year ended March 31, 2016 [ PDF / 11.6MB ]
2016.7.29 Summary of Financial Results for the First Quarter of FY2016 [ PDF / 141KB ]
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