Basic Views to Corporate Governance

Based on our management philosophy that "We, Sekisui Chemical Group, practice “Zen-in Keiei” based on mutual respect and trust. We are always innovating in our pursuit of new happiness", we have made it important to establish corporate governance in an effective manner, to ensure management transparency and soundness, and to establish a system that can respond promptly to changes in the environment.

Corporate Governance Systems

Features of Corporate Governance Systems

We conduct business execution, supervision and audits by a governance organization comprised of the following organizations.
With nine directors, three of whom are outside directors, we aim to make management decisions in a rational and efficient manner. The important matters are decided by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. In order to clarify the management responsibility of directors and establish a management system that can respond promptly to changes in the business environment, the term of directors is set at one year.

We have set up committees for each important management theme, complement the business headquarters system, and have prompt and rational decision making. We also check each other's compliance and ethics issues.

Our outside directors have a wealth of experience and a high level of insight as a manager and have on the role of supervisory and advisory functions.

We distribute and explain to the materials to be discussed by the Board of Directors in advance to the outside directors, and internal directors also give an adequate explanation of important proposals.

Corporate Governance System Chart

Corporate Governance System Chart Corporate Governance System Chart

Our Auditing Mechanism:

We have auditors who, with directors, monitor and audit the operations of the company. Our five auditors include three external auditors and we have the procedures to ensure timely and appropriate reporting to auditors to maintain rational, transparent and fair decision-making processes.

In addition, we have implemented internal control procedures based on the Basic Policies for the Internal Control System, which allows, among other things, the audit committee to monitor the internal audit and internal control operations, while also enabling collaboration between the audit committee and auditors for more robust and effective monitoring.