Sekisui Plastics Group’s 100th Year Vision

In October 2009, Sekisui Plastics celebrated its 50th year Anniversary.
At this time, Sekisui Plastics has taken the opportunity to formulate the “Sekisui Plastics Group’s 100th Year Vision” in order to develop the group in the next 50th years.

We aim to become a "plastics solution company trusted by customers around the world" based on its founding spirit and management philosophy, by globally developing businesses in the fields of "Industry ","Human Life ", and "Environment and Energy" while implementing "CSR" and "Zen-in Kiei " throughout to the entire group.

Sekisui Plastics Group’s 100th Year Vision Sekisui Plastics Group’s 100th Year Vision

Founding Spirit

For happiness of people working for the company

Management Philosophy

We, Sekisui Plastics, practice “Zen-in Keiei” based on respect and mutual trust.
We are always innovating in our aim of “new happiness”.

Corporate Goal

A Plastics Solution Company Trusted by Customers around the World

Scale Goal

Consolidated Sales Revenue Scale ¥500 Billion or more
※Corporate scale goal for the 100th year anniversary(2059)

Corporate Domain

Sekisui Plastics Group Solutions

Sekisui Plastics Group Solutions Sekisui Plastics Group Solutions

Sekisui Plastics Group Contributes to

  • Industry :Contributing to the growth and development of the industry by proposing business solutions to client companies
  • Lifestyle Transformation :Contributing to the transformation of people’s lifestyle
  • Global Environment :Simultaneously aiming to improve the global environment

CSR Vision

CSR Declaration

Sekisui Plastics Group focuses on people and environment with dream.

Under the founding spirit of "the happiness of those working for the company", we have cultivated a unique and wonderful culture, such as "Spirits of Entrepreneur and Industrialist", which supports innovative thinking and behavior, and "Zen-in Sanka Keiei", where management and employees work in unison,.
In the “Culture vision,” we will instill the “Zen-in Keiei”, which further develops this kind of management base, throughout the group, including overseas.
We believe that sharing and practicing this among employees working at Sekisui Plastics Group companies will be the spiritual backbone of our 100-year vision.