We would like to inform you that the pollution improvement emergency pilot project in Malaysia
jointly proposed as a project centered on NJS Consultants was selected as the "Asian Water Environment
Improvement Model Project" implemented by the Ministry of the Environment.

Project name                : Pollution improvement emergency pilot project for Likas Bay,Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Main proposer              : NJS Consultants Co., Ltd.

Joint proposer             : DHS Technology, Inc.
                                              SANKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD.
                                              Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

Business description: Direct purification of water areas using energy-saving wastewater treatment                         
                                              technology DHS, in Likas Bay, Malaysia, where water pollution is becoming more serious.

About the Asian Water Environment Improvement Model Project.

In the Ministry Environment, as part of the government's growth strategy, the "Asia Water Environment
Improvement Model Project" is being implemented with the aim of supporting the advancement of the
water business market in Asia utilizing the technology of private companies.

This project attempts to improve the water environment by supporting feasibility studies, for projects
by private companies that have specific plans for overseas expansion in order to improve the water
environment in Asian and Oceanic countries where water pollution is becoming more serious, and as a
case study, we will examine future measures to promoto the overseas development of the water
environment improvement  business, taking as examples the challenges of commercialization ascertained
through model projects.

Reference: Press release from the Ministry of the Environment

As a leading environmental company, we will further contribute to a sustainable society while focusing on
promoting this project.